KY Boys Volleyball

KY Boys High School Overview and Mission

In 2019, the KVCA started an initiative to grow boys volleyball from the three established teams in Louisville (St. X, Trinity, & DeSales). In year one, we were able to start small and three new programs started a team in the Lexington area: Henry Clay, West Jessamine, and Danville Christian Academy. For spring of 2020, we would like to see the total number teams expand to over twenty.


To create opportunities and support boys playing volleyball in Kentucky High Schools. The KVCA will provide a low cost league and administrative assistance to relieve the amount of responsibility and functions in the school Athletic Departments.

The ultimate goal is to recognize, support and sanction boys high school volleyball as a KHSAA sport.


Insurance Through Pioneer Region

The Pioneer Region has approved a specific membership for boys teams in order to cover their insurance needs.  Here are the details of the agreement:

  • The membership will cover all insurance needs for practices and matches during the spring season.

  • Teams will complete a membership form and pay $10 for each participating athlete

  • Each coach will also need to complete a membership and pay $40 ($10 for membership and $30 for background screening).  The background screening is good for two seasons.  If a coach already has a USAV membership, registration and payment are not required.

  • This membership will give each athlete and coach secondary insurance - this means their primary health insurance pays first and the secondary will kick in

  • If necessary, USAV can provide insurance coverage for practice and playing facilities if requested from the region for any sanctioned event.

  • Coaches will be required to do IMPACT and Safe Sport training, both are free online for USAV members.  Once the membership is processed, instructions on how to be complete both will be provided.

  • If teams or athletes wish to play club in the summer or fall, the membership can be upgraded to a full participation membership.

Here are the forms for athletes and coaches to complete or review:

Completed forms and payment (1 single check preferably) need to be submitted to:

Nancy Funk
7906 Ferndale Rd.
Louisville, KY 40291

Questions regarding the membership option can be submitted to Nancy at [email protected]

Interested KY Programs

Click Here to See a List of Programs that Have Expressed Interest

Would you like to see your school on this list?  Contact Brad Wilson and let him know.

Why Now?

  • Opportunities for boys to play in college have never been greater. These teams need players!

  • In Kentucky we now have 3 college programs with potentially more to come: Thomas Moore College (DIII), Midway University (NAIA), Campbellsville University (NAIA)

  • Volleyball is a safe sport. One that can be played long into adulthood.

  • Volleyball is inexpensive to add. Schools already have the available gym space, equipment, and potentially the coaches. Operating costs are estimated at between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on coaching salaries.

Season Structure

Once basketball season ends, boys’ volleyball can begin. Practice and open gyms begin late February/early March. Matches begin mid-March and continue through early/mid-May. Teams play about 16 matches over an 8-week schedule. Yearend tournament at Optimum Sports Complex in Louisville in potential partnership with KBVA

KHSAA Sport Sponsorship

KHSAA polls high school in 3-year cycles to determine if a sport should receive state sanction/sponsor. A sport requires a least 50 schools to say they will sponsor a team and participate in the postseason in order for the KHSAA to sponsor the sport. Next round of polling will take place 2020-21 academic year.

Until the 50-program amount is reached, any school can choose to sponsor volleyball as a club sport.

The KVCA plans to establish a base of programs in Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky and grow from there. It may require that some schools band together in order to start a team. If a school or group of schools from another region of the state is willing to add a team, they will of course be accepted.

Middle School Boys Volleyball

Along with the KVCA's initiative to bring boys volleyball to high schools in Kentucky, we are also asking coaches to bring boys volleyball to middle schools. Shane Green is leading the initiative in Lexington. Shane is starting the program at Crawford Middle School and needs teams to play. He has a commitment from Tates Creek Middle School. Both programs are willing to travel together to play matches in other regions of the state.

Middle schools looking to add a team can take advantage of the Pioneer Region's membership option outlined above.

Know a middle school with boys that might be interested in playing? Please have them contact Shane Green at [email protected].

Want to get involved?

Want to bring boys volleyball to your high school?  Contact Brad Wilson.

Athletes and parents can also complete this online interest form.

We are looking for coaches, parents, administrators, and anyone interesting in helping grow this initiative.